Critical Mass / Kidical Mass Community Bicycle Rides

Village of Sea Cliff residents and members of Long Island Streets have participated in several  Kidical/Critical Mass events through the summer-fall of 2017. These safe events feature families reclaiming their neighborhoods streets in an unsanctioned ride to show solidarity in making Sea Cliff a safer village to walk, run, bike and drive. 

Village of Sea Cliff

Traffic Calming in School Zone

Concerned parents in Sea Cliff kickstarted a petition written advocating for turning Littleworth Lane into a dead end near the side entrance of Sea Cliff Elementary School. The petition also calls for expanding the sidewalks around the intersection so school children can navigate the area without having to walk in the street. Click here to read more.


Operation Chalk 

We spent a weekend chalking intersections in Long Beach to demonstrate DIY bulb-outs, increasing pedestrian visibility and safer space to encourage more walking and bike riding.