Island Now Editorial on E-Scooters

Blog post by Allison Blanchette

Adam Haber wrote about e-scooters on Long Island in an Island Now Editorial, which I responded to in the comment section (and the LI Press deleted - what’s up with that?). One thing missing is a safe space to ride and a massive culture change to allow it. 
This week the Baldwin Grand redesign - the one I actively secured $4.3 million in expired federal earmarks as a side project while freelancing at NYBC- has faced massive bikelash by people who prioritize storing idle cars, preserving some false sense of speed entitlement and antiquated road user hierarchy over, like, sharing space with human bodies who lack the privilege, ability, interest and/ or level of laziness in commandeering a 4-ton vessel to get from point A to point B. 
Yes, we need a more green transportation future but it first/also requires big picture thinking decision makers like Adam, and elected leaders with the courage to stand up to the status flow of dinosaurs on Long Island streets. Me thinks it's time to bring the outlaws in as inlaws, and pull some advocates on board. 

These are two big asks for Nassau - having the stomach for road diets, and to hire advocates in lieu of political appointee's...but hey, if Adam Haber can dream of e-scooters on Long Island then I can dream big, too.