Distracted Legislature backseat drives a dangerous Newsday narrative that is not about ride-outs

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Disgusting Newsday article written on the dashboard of a distracted journalists SUV while Legislator Tom McKevitt and Legislator John R. Ferretti Jr. were backseat driving this negative narrative. This article exists because they fear us- they needed to spin some press to gloss over the mistakes they know they made - and we're calling out. LI & NYC bike lobby sees through these bullying bike bill and have been calling and emailing Nassau County Executive Laura Curran all week to tell her bills 292-19 & 202-19 were written so flawed that they make transcripts of a Park Slop Community Board meeting look tame.

The anti-bike Legislators pushed these bills to address a non epidemic of drivers in cars & trucks being terrorized by reckless cyclists, creating stiffer penalties for cyclists who seem to be "reckless" cycling than for the drivers of cars who literally terrorize, maim and kill us? The legislative intent re: "devices" is bonkers; GPS and mounted devices have no business scrutinized in court.

The Shared-Mobility Management Plan and the Bike Trail Map are meaningless if County Exec Lauran Curran allows these bills through. I know that we've managed to elevate our concerns to the County counsel, thanks to Daniel Flanzig's detailed analysis and our persistence with our Legislators.

To be clear - these bills do nothing for children or families and do not address the "ride outs" in any meaningful manner - instead they cast a wide net to capture every single person on a bicycle riding in or through Nassau County. THIS AFFECTS EVERY CYCLING CLUB. 

When will these Legislators hold reckless drivers who terrorize and kill us accountable for their actions?? When will these Legislators support a 3-foot amendment to the Safe Passing law? When will these Legislators support raising penalties for drivers who flee the scene of a crash??When will these Legislators do their job and represent our inherent rights to safely access Nassau County streets?? We are dying and they do nothing.

This isn't safety, this is car culture.