Distracted Nassau County Legislators Saving Drivers from Reckless Cyclists with new laws

Call to Action: Public hearings Sept 9th and 23rd for multiple new laws that would affect all people who bike, scoot and skate in Nassau County. We need you to show up and demand better than this. The intent of the proposed laws is to hold people responsible for not following the rules of the road in a manner that recklessly terrorizes drivers.

This backwards legislation that neglects to address the basics of road safety includes: Mandatory helmet law for all people, including passengers, on bikes, skateboards, in-line skates and e-scooters in Nassau County if you are under 18yrs old. No person - any ages- allowed to hold a phone, camera or electronic device while on a scooter or bicycle. No riding a bike or scooter between road lanes or in-between vehicles. The wording is so flawed with windshield perspective that it wouldn’t be surprising if it were penned on the dashboard on a legislator’s SUV. Take a read -

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 11.18.13 AM.png

No measures in place to hold reckless drivers accountable for maiming or killing bicyclists, pedestrians and other road users. The Legislators backing this have been silent on support for legislation that would stiffen penalties for drivers who flee the scene of a crash, silent on supporting an amendment to the Safe Passing law to a well defined 3 feet, silent on the return of school zone safety cameras and have yet to budge on any meaningful action that would hold drivers accountable for bad behavior.

Screen Shot 2019-08-11 at 10.04.19 AM.png

And then there’s the whole having zero protected bike lanes and less than 15 miles of painted “bike lanes” in the entire county thing. How about that, hmm?

These distracted Nassau County Legislators are the Windshield Perspective Lobby. More cyclists and pedestrians die in Nassau County than anywhere else statewide, outside of NYC.

How about the Legislators focus on reckless drivers who recklessly terrorize vulnerable road users on a daily basis? If maimed or dead bodies don’t appeal to our legislators then how about the high cost of incomplete Nassau County streets? Exactly what will it take to wake them up? We need to start thinking about putting more focused people behind the wheel of this county. #ElectionYear

Public hearings : Sept 9th and 23rd 1pm 1550 Franklin Ave Mineola

And just incase you’re curious where we are in terms of crashes in Nassau County, here are the 2018 preliminary numbers for crashes AND for police tickets, broken down by violation.

Maybe drivers should be required to wear helmets, considering they yield the highest amount of serious to minor injuries.

ITSMR: Preliminary 2018 crash stats

ITSMR: Preliminary 2018 crash stats


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