USDOT Leadership Academy

Allison Blanchette, Long Island Streets Director, was selected as an emerging leader in transportation to be a part of the inaugural U.S. Department of Transportation’s Every Place Counts Leadership Academy, hosted by U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx.

Allison will be among a group of community leaders selected from across the United States to attend the Academy which is designed to de-mystify how transportation projects are conceived and reviewed; and how community members can influence the process. The participants will be help design a digital Transportation Toolkit which will be a fantastic collection of materials and strategies that can be used to promote and increase community involvement on transportation projects.

The Toolkit will highlight specific public engagement opportunities associated with planning and project development requirements, and civil rights including ADA, Title VI, and environmental justice. 

"I'm excited to bring back tools to help everyday people cut through the jargon and be able to articulate their needs, specifically residents who are under represented and left out of planning decisions regarding their streets and sidewalks," Allison Blanchette said. "But it's not just residents who I look forward to working with after the Academy training, but our representatives and key decision makers are often lacking information on procedures because transportation planning, funding and policy is not easy or sexy to navigate. If I can bridge some gaps, we can make more equitable transportation planning and policy decisions. That is very exciting."