"Long Island Transportation Advocates Call for a More Accessible Long Island"

Article featuring Long Island advocates, written by Eric Schmid, Editor-In-Chief of PRND LI, a Stony Brook semester-long project for Journalism 320: Advanced Multimedia Reporting.




"[Dan] Flanzig, [Allison] Blanchette and other alternative transportation advocates turned to education to change the commuter and car-centric culture of Long Island to make cycling safer.

“We need more education,” Blanchette said. “That goes from not just educating bikers but also drivers, pedestrians and even law enforcement on how to handle situations.” 

For Flanzig, this education starts with the youngest drivers on New York roads. “On the New York State driver’s license test, there is one question that has to deal with cyclists and pedestrians,” Flanzig said. “We want to increase education on the initial level with the young driver learning more about cyclists.”

Another organization focused on cycling and pedestrian safety is the New York Coalition for Transportation Safety. Hoffacker works for that organization to educate cyclists and pedestrians about how to safely navigate the island by teaching them about traffic safety and establishing safety programs. "

“Cyclists have a right to the road.” Mark Hoffacker, member of the New York Coalition for Transportation Safety said. “Too many car owners think they own the road; if a bike gets in the way they get annoyed. That’s ridiculous.”