Linking Valley Stream

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Long Island Streets kicked off 2017 with a campaign to create healthy streets in the Village of Valley Stream and connecting areas. This is a recap of our first meeting held at Sip This, January 10th...

Linking Valley Stream, a  gathering of Valley Stream leaders, law enforcement, traffic safety groups, and community partners strategizing short- and long-term projects to create safer streets, sidewalks and pathways for pedestrians and cyclists, and to address critical crash spots for the safety of all road users.

Problems identified by community members include speeding, people afraid to jog outside of parks, unsafe getting to parks by foot or bike, distracted driving, dangerous bus stops, and unmarked crosswalks

We strategized short-term goals including intersection treatments (crosswalks, reduced obstacles, better signage), banning rights-on-red, education and events.

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The Herald-Valley Stream recapped the meetings, which you can read here