Road safety roundtable for stoners

State senators and community leaders gathered before anticipated recreational pot law goes through in New York to discuss traffic safety. Never mind people speeding, the REAL danger is stoned drivers?

How about a road-safety roundtable that addresses everyday perils of pedestrianism?? We are dying in Nassau County at the highest rate In the state, outside NYC. Fact!! 
Guns and marijuana concerns w/our kids and communities cause task force and roundtable discussions but the facts are you are more likely to be maimed or killed crossing the street. 
And the long-term consequences of unsafe, incomplete Nassau streets ranges from obesity to climate change.

20190109-130634-AH Roundtable A.jpg

For the love of god or whatever holy, would our elected officials and gov’t decision makers take this public health epidemic seriously? Be concermed about ALL bad drivers not just those that might be stoned.

Link to article in the Herald.