Nassau County Advisory Committee's, Boards & Representatives

Nassau County has a variety of committee’s to address every angle of the road - traffic safety, planning, open space & parks, and human rights. We do not have a Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Board in county as some cities and municipalities do. It would be incredibly redundant and susceptible to patronage (for reference, see: Safety Committee, Marijuana Task Force) and political insiders with an agenda. We have a regional pedestrian-bicycle coordinator and a statewide pedestrian-bicycle coordinator, as that falls under both Traffic Safety and Planning. We do have a regional Pedestrian-Bicycle Coordinator as our It has long been our goal to give more weight to the Traffic Safety Board to be more proactive on needs for vulnerable road users across a diverse landscape. The outdated model only focuses on 3 E’s but we need equity and encouragement to create a healthy, inclusive county network of safe streets for truly healthy communities.