Weekend recap: Family Biking Forum

We had a great time this weekend at the 3rd annual Family Biking Forum, organized by Make Queens Safer and Kidical Mass NYC. This event brought together local partners and resources to get kids, families and groups riding safely and often. THANK YOU for organizing this!

We attended alongside our partners at New York Coalition for Transportation Safety - NYCTS and brought in handmade signs from this weeks Long Beach Girls Scouts Cycling Club's Bike Safety Art Show at Gentle Brew. The artwork was a hit, as was the savvy ped-bike comics and safety sheets, slap bracelets and reflectives.

If you don't know Kidical Mass NYC, get to know. Hilda gave an overview of their history and the bits of changes they're able to make being the eyes on the streets, able to spot the funky corners or rough edges and help report/make safe changes. Moving kids across highways, not easy but not impossible. They make it work. Check their facebook page for more info- definitely take 2 minutes to watch their Kidical Mass videos. 

We heard from a variety of groups like Trips For Kids Metro New York who connect kids to mountain bikes and environmental education in Cunningham Park and beyond. Andree gave a stellar presentation, starting out with some major props to Long Island's CLIMB for their work in building and maintaining trails. Here's something awesome about Trips for Kids - they have a fleet of bikes so you don't have to BYOB...although after a few rounds your kid will be chomping at the bit for their own #MTBbike. 
Star Track Cycling highlighted track riding & racing - we are officially obsessed. #startrackcycling
Peter Beadle of Vaccaro and White had a breakdown of NYC bicycle laws and post-crash tips. 
Claudia, coordinator of Ciclistas Latinoamericanos de Nueva York, presented a slideshow of bicycle events and campaigns her group has worked on- busy group, massive on education & safety. #ciclistasny
Bike New York was on hand chatting FREE youth groups. Seriously, if you don't know Bike NY, you really must do so STAT.
Recycle-A-Bicycle was in the house as was TransAlt and our friends at Families For Safe Streets. NYC DOT and 108th Precinct were on hand with #visionzero pamphlets and engraving bikes. 

THANK YOU organizers!!!! This was a fantastic day!!!

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