Nassau County Bus Still Leaving Riders by the Curb

The Nassau County Bus Transit Committee (BTC) and Transportation Accessibility Advisory Committee (TAAC) meetings were last held in September. According to Nassau Inter-County Express / NICE Bus they are waiting for the next meeting to be scheduled by the County. Knowing the Committee's were Mangano-appointments, it's disturbing that we not only lost our Community Liaison, but there have been no meetings since the election. Mangano left ALL bus riders on the curb for the past couple months.
As an ally to bus riders over the years, we are optimistic that   Nassau County Executive Laura Curran will step in however bus riders standing on mounds of snow and in streets currently have noone in the private-public partnership advocating or listening to them. It's time we start listening to and serving our bus riders- now, not next month or next year. We've been waiting on the side of the road long enough.
#BusRiderRIghts #MobilityRights #PublicTransporation