Sea Cliff Village considers traffic calming...

In November, concerned parents in Sea Cliff kickstarted a petition written advocating for turning Littleworth Lane into a dead end near the side entrance of Sea Cliff Elementary School. The petition also calls for expanding the sidewalks around the intersection so school children can navigate the area without having to walk in the street. 


On Monday, December 4th, parents and concerned residents addressed the Sea Cliff Village Board - for the first time ever as they don't usually allow public comment. The tremendous amount of petition signatures, phone calls and emails led the Village Board to recognize public comment. 

Long Island Streets Board member Daniel Flanzig, who chairs Sea Cliff Village Traffic and Safety Committee, shared traffic calming recommendations for short-term solutions. Flanzig also educated the public with his lawyer cape on re: the dilemna with asking for a street closure - it's against state law. 

The Long Island Herald has a great recap of the meeting, take a read here. 


September bicycle rodeo outside sea cliff elementary school

September bicycle rodeo outside sea cliff elementary school

Long Island Streets and NY Coalition for Transportation Safety teamed up with Sea Cliff Village Traffic & Safety Committee and Sea Cliff Elementary in September for a massive bicycle safety fair. We observed the lack of signage, crosswalks and traffic calming on the streets surrounding the school, notably Littleworth Lane, which is between the Elementary School and a busy park. The lane is closed to traffic during school time, but not during after school or weekend hours, highly problematic for parents who want to see the street permanently closed to traffic. 

There will be a happy medium to working around state law and the needs of parents. #TacticalUrbanism

We will keep you updated! If you are interested in attending the next meeting, it's December 11th.