County Executive responds to concerns over reckless cycling/helmet bills

33.33% OF ALL BICYCLISTS FATALITIES IN 2018- THE ENTIRE STATE OF NEW YORK -WERE ON LONG ISLAND but Nassau County Executive Laura Curran’s office is running in circles on mandatory hat laws and curbing the non epidemic of reckless cyclists terrorizing drivers. The following statement from the County Attorney was in response to our concerns re: bills 291-19 and 292-19:

There is moral obligation for the County Executive and our Legislators to consider data on who is being injured and killed, and to then rearrange their problem statement. Exactly what are they trying to address with a mandatory helmet law and ambiguous reckless riding law here- how would those laws have any impact on reducing injuries for bicycle or car crashes? Were there any metrics in place when Legislators John Ferretti and Thomas McKevitt co-sponsored this?

In 2018, Nassau County police-reported crashes resulting in injuries and fatalities involving

  • bikes: 606

  • pedestrians: 850

  • all crashes: 40,306