Oct 2nd is Walk to School Day

October 2nd is Walk to School Day! There are 6 schools on Long Island who have registered their Walk to School Day event. You can learn more, get great resources and register at WalkBikeToSchool.org.

Ideas on how to connect your Walk to School Day to broader community safety goals:

  • Motivate your elected officials! Invite your mayor to walk or bike as part of your event.

  • Engage local transportation officials. Ask them to walk with you and a few parents and students to examine safety concerns on walking and biking routes. Ask them what their department does to protect children.

  • Empower students to take the lead in identifying safety issues that are important to them.

  • How about selfies with a message? Raise awareness by taking pictures of students with the mayor, principal or the crossing guard holding signs with special messages.

  • Seek media attention and have a message that resonates for your community.

  • Check out the Vision Zero for Youth initiative, which encourages cities to prioritize safety in places where children walk and bike.

Want to make sure kids in your community are educated on traffic safety?

Encourage teachers and other school staff to schedule traffic safety education programs with our friends at the New York Coalition for Transportation Safety. NYCTS will provide a 30 to 45 minute programs covering pedestrian and bicycle safety to children, teens, adults, and seniors at any school, library, senior center or community center.

To schedule a program for your school or organization, please call Cynthia Brown, 516-571-6808 or email her at cbrown1@nassaucountyny.gov.

Programs are funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration through a grant from the NY State Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee.