NYMTC Adopts Plan 2045, mtg recap

Last week, Long Island Streets attended the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC) Council meeting. On the agenda was passing the next Regional Transportation Plan aka Plan 2045, and hearing from Guest Speaker Jon Rossant, Founder and Chairman of the NewCities Foundation.

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The NYMTC Council adopted Plan 2045 – its next Regional Transportation Plan which covers the long-range goals, objectives and needs for the transportation system that connects New York City, Long Island and the lower Hudson Valley.

Themed “Maintaining the Vision for a Sustainable Region,” Plan 2045 covers overall transportation planning in NYC, Long Island and lower Hudson Valley over the next quarter century. Plan 2045 encompasses all facets of transportation - including roads, bridges, mass transit facilities, bicycle and pedestrian networks, goods movement and transportation for those with special needs. This includes many critical system preservation and system enhancements such as the Lower Hudson Transit Link, the Moynihan Station in NYC and the Nassau Hub Transit Initiative. For more information on Plan 2045, click

Jon Rossant's presentation takeaway was clearly that New York is not a leader in transportation. Council members questioned how to get there, to which LI Streets CEO Allison Blanchette engaged in a lively discussion with both Jon Rossant and many Council members on innovative approaches on the West Coast - LA being seen as a more aggressive leader in many respects. When a Council member asked Roussant about methods for being a leader and not follower via best practices for issues like trucks that are needed to deliver urban goods on New York City Streets, Long Island Streets CEO Allison Blanchette was able to comment:  "The need to reduce congestion in NYC requires innovation like using electric bikes for cargo, currently illegal in New York State, to decrease deliveries of urban goods by truck. This is not revolutionary, it's common sense."


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