Recap: NYSenate Public Hearing

Recap: NYSenate Public Hearing

Long Island Streets E.D. gave testimony at the NY Senate Standing Committee on Transportation Public Hearing on the MTA/LIRR re: less focus on expanding public space for the storage of idle metal boxes and more focus on better buses and complete bicycle infrastructure at all LIRR stations (versus token bike racks in a corner). In addition, support for Congestion Pricing to help battle a public health and climate crisis, unfair MTA/LIRR fares boosting Nassau Inter-County Express / NICE Bus fares, removing the useless $5 LIRR bike pass, and concerns that the proposed consolidation of the 6 existing MTA entities could mask accountability and potentially make NYC transit and the LIRR less autonomous from the whims of upstate legislators.

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Long Beach City Council cuts city-wide bus service

The City of Long Beach has made drastic cuts to the municipal bus system that went into effect three days after the announcement, with no public meetings. The cuts include terminating Point Lookout Service, terminating the Shoppers Special, cancelling the East Loop and West Loop weekend service, and terminating all weekend access to paratransit service.

Please consider signing our petition, sharing it and / or volunteering with us to conduct bus rider outreach at the bus station.

Long Island Streets is assisting with bus rider outreach, securing signs in Spanish (update: they have been posted), posting signs at bus stops and, more importantly, making emails and phone calls every day to every elected leader. 


This is not about lack of bus funding, this is about politics. 


I am signing this petition because the diminished bus service is a severe hardship for the elderly, the disabled, the invisible poor who live in our city, working families who need the bus to get to the LIRR and those inong Beach who don’t have a car. Depriving those who depend on the bus as a lifeline for shopping, visiting the library, etc. Is outrageous and cruel.
— Eleanor, #BringTheBusBack online petition
Allison (LI STREETS) and yuki (LI Bus riders union) doing bus rider outreach, speaking to bus drivers and sending a clear message to city and county officials to bring the bus back   

Allison (LI STREETS) and yuki (LI Bus riders union) doing bus rider outreach, speaking to bus drivers and sending a clear message to city and county officials to bring the bus back


The bus service our out narrow island allowed me (in high school)) to get around. Now, when variable shifts and homecare work, not 9-5, M-F, provide so many jobs, these cuts will have an impact on more than a kid getting home; the impact will be greatest on poorer, darker people.
— Peter, I Love Long Beach NY Facebook group
Disgraceful, senior citizens depend on those buses to do their shopping, go to the hair salon and get their hair done, now it’s costing them $10.00 round trip and it’s a disgrace that the city is cutting back on what taxpayers and seniors need! Shame on Long Beach!
— Angela, I Love Long Beach NY Facebook group
Transportation is an essential service. Non-essential services should be the first to face cuts and cancelations in times of fiscal distress. This is outrageous and effects marginalized and minority groups the most. It’s discriminatory.
— Meghan, #BringtheBusBack online petition
This is so sad. I know there was a time I depended on these buses. I didn’t have a car. At least I’m young and healthy and I could walk. The elderly and handicap? What do they do? There is no alternative!
— Jeranny, I Love Long Beach NY Facebook group
I am disabled and cannot drive. The bus is important for people in similar situations to have a way out of town.
— Online comment
my 98 year old dad waited for a bus to take him to the library to see a concert for over an hour, he did not know buses were cancelled
— Joanne, I Love Long Beach NY Facebook page
I purchase a monthly bus pass through my monthly train ticket. I’ve used the buses on the weekend when driving is unwise and I know parking will be an issue. Cutting service reduces the value of what I pay every month.
— Diane, #BringTheBusBack online petition