Pellegrino & Brooks redirecting TNC fee's for mass transportation

Long Island Assemblywoman Christine Pellegrino and Senator John Brooks peddling legislation (A9046/S7437) that would redirect the existing 4% assessment fee on ALL transportation network companies (TNC) to the metropolitan mass transportation operating assistance account, whereas it currently gets thrown into a general pot.

Earmarking the assessment fees for transportation, with an emphasis on restoring and improving Nassau County and Suffolk County buses and commuter rails.

"This legislation is a common sense approach to restoring funding to our public transportation and ensuring Long Island is getting its fair share of revenue. Public transportation aids our local economy, eases congestion on our roads, provides necessary services to our seniors, protects our environment and is vital to our communities”, Assemblywoman Christine Pellegrino said via

Brooks and Pellegrino announced and outlined the legislation at a press conference yesterday, stating this would add approximately $24million to the public transportation pot. A priority for funding is people with disabilities who are no be adequately served by public transportation. 

You can read the full text here