Recap: Breakfast W/A Bike Lawyer at Mineola Bike Shop

Our second Bike Law Talk of 2018 was hosted by Mineola Bike Shop, in partnership with Daniel Flanzig, Esq and Long Island Streets, with a follow-up ride led by Roger. Barry and Audrey from Mineola Bike Shop spoke for a few minutes - this was their second workshop in an effort to boost cycling, safety and to help educate their cycling clubs. Good stuff. Allison spoke on behalf of Long Island Streets and our recent efforts to lower speed limits, represent vulnerable road users to local government and civic meetings (where we always need a bike advocate present) and took some video. Daniel Flanzig discussed our rights as a cyclist, the rules of the road,  and what we need to know if we are involved in a crash. Daniel also addressed important insurance issues for any cyclist and ongoing legislative issues in Albany.


Huge thanks to Barry and Audrey at Mineola Bike Shop, all of the Mineola Cycling Clubs, Roger for leading the post-Breakfast Ride and Scott Holiday for the homemade Irish Soda Bread!