Brett's Recycle-A-Bicycle


Brett's Bicycle Recycle, founded by Lisa Karrer & Deborah Porretto in memory of their brother lost in a motorcycle crash, collects new and used bicycles, skateboards, parts, etc and repairs & donates to children & teens in the Huntington community. Long Island Streets really enjoys partnering with these folks to help fit bikes to kids, do helmet and blinky light giveaways, and be on hand to encourage the kids to ride safely. 


Petition: Traffic Light Needed on RT 110 Huntington

Petition text: On May 15, 2015 our brother Brett Rainey was killed while riding his motorcycle northbound on Rt 110 in Huntington Station, NY. If there was a traffic light with turning signals and crosswalk at this dangerous intersection his death could have been prevented. There are two obstructed left-hand turns going both north and southbound on Rt 110. Drivers are also making illegal left-hand turns out of the Best Buy/Chase parking lot and also illegally turning left off of Sprucetree Ln going northbound on Rt 110. With a traffic light this safety hazard would be greatly be reduced. Additionally, pedestrians would be able to safely cross the 4 lanes of traffic without making a mad dash risking their lives...CLICK HERE TO SIGN PETITION!