Legislative Priorities

Our Legislative Priorities include legislation with a goal of making Long Island streets and trails safer, accessible and economically viable for all people. 

Our priorities consider drivers of vehicles and bicycles, pedestrians and commuters.


Extend & Expand NYC School Zone Speed Camera Program: S6046/A7798

The NYC speed safety camera program has proven to be successful at the 7% of schools when the cameras are on - time to extend the times and expand the program. Long Island Streets has signed on as a #EverySchool Coalition member in 2017, enlisted NYS Senator Kaminsky to sign on, and we have attended rallies in support. These are our neighbors, friends and family that we are helping. 


Seth's Law: S882A / A3230A

This bill strengthens the penalties that may be imposed upon motorists
who leave the scene of an accident where an injury occurs.


No Valid License Felony: S3299/A3759c

Update April 16, 2018: Senator Gianaris, 12th District, announced today that his proposal stiffening penalties on drivers without valid licenses who kill or injure passed the State Senate unanimously. Currently, the most severe penalty a District Attorney can seek in such instances is a misdemeanor. Convicted drivers are rarely sentenced to any jail time at all and they are free to commit additional offenses. This legislation (S.3299)would increase the penalty to a class E felony for seriously injuring a person and a class D felony if the accident resulted in a death, with a maximum penalty of seven years in prison. 

The legislation is now in the Assembly (A3759) in the Committee on Codes. 


Yellow Alert System: S3859

Relates to the creation of a yellow alert system to be activated when a hit and run has resulted in death or serious injury, the investigating law enforcement agency has additional information concerning the suspect's vehicle, and when public dissemination of available information could either help avert further harm or accelerate apprehension of the suspect.