Nassau & Suffolk Capital Improvement Plans

Nassau and Suffolk have 4-year Capital Plans which are voted on by each county’s Legislature (hence why we tell you to contact your Legislator). Plans are not formed in vacuum and they all have public input opportunities as required.

Nassau County Capital Improvement Plan 2019-2022

the four-year Capital Plan addresses critical road and traffic safety needs, public safety and construction initiatives and other projects that have been earmarked throughout the county.

Suffolk County Capital Plan 2019-2022

The Suffolk County 2019-2021 Capital Program focuses on core infrastructure, protecting the environment, economic development, public safety, and technology projects.


Every state maintains a statewide list. A link to ours, zoomed in on our region (we are Region 10):

Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP)


Federal regulations mandates NYMTC produce 3 required products, 2 analyses and a Public Involvement Plan. These documents guide the long-, medium- and short-term transportation planning activities for the region.

The required documents and links to the Nassau/Suffolk region are in bold:


Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)

Includes the NYMTC members’ vision for the 10 county planning area, and lays out the long-range framework for its transportation system. Update every four years. The RTP provides the groundwork for the following programs on this list.

The Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)

Derived from the RTP, outlining all of the transportation projects eligible for federal funding that strengthen and enhance our bridges, highways, transit services, bikeways and walkways. The updated 2017-2021 TIP list for Nassau, Suffolk as of January 2019:

The Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)

Developed annually to define planning priorities and describes all federally-funded transportation-related planning activities anticipated within a given program year.

The 2019-2020 UPWP for Nassau & Suffolk:

  • Land Use-Transportation Element of Comprehensive Plan

  • Nassau County Traffic Signal Progression and Optimization Studies (Bethpage, East Meadow, Westbury, Oceanside, Hewlett, Lynbrook)

  • Roadway Sustainability and Compliance Study

  • Downtown Hicksville Revitalization Traffic Impact and Complete Streets

  • Nassau County Shared-Mobility Management Plan

  • Suffolk County Mobility Implementation Plan

  • Suffolk County-wide Bike & Hike Network-Corridor Conceptual Design

The Congestion Management Process (CMP) - analysis requirement

Forecasts congestion on the region’s roadways and evaluates congestion-reducing strategies. NYMTC produces a Congestion Management Process Status Report every four years in conjunction with the release of its Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).

Transportation Conformity Determination- analysis requirement

This is document contains a regional mobile source emissions analysis that reflects TIP and RTP compliance with Clean Air Act requirements and NYS SIP.

Public Involvement Plan - outreach requirement

Explains the transportation planning process at the regional level AND details your many options to participate!

Want to learn more about the transportation planning process? Check out our Advocacy Toolkit